Here are just some reports from real people who have been brave enough to share what the Jab has done to them. Children are having heart attacks, turning purple, having constant ticks and fits. And even dying from this Jab. And who is talking about it? who is exposing the dark agenda aimed to destroy this generation? What is the “church” saying? are we too afraid to ruine our religious platform to talk about this global holocaust?

If you believe God is just a gentle kind God that allows the wicked to kill and corrupt a generation, then you are about to experience a rude awakening!

Since 7th December, The Lord has been showing me His righteous anger towards the enemy and how He is coming swiftly to bring punishment. This is no joke, a lot is taking place right under our noses and it’s time to call upon the name of the Lord for deliverance and his mercy especially for our precious children.

I believe we are going to see multitudes crying out for healing, but the hospitals will not help them— THE REMNANT of God will heal these injured ones by the power of God and many will be healed and turned to the Lord!

This will be a great turnaround and God will get the glory! This will be the greatest outpouring of His spirit upon ALL FLESH!

In 2022 we will begin to see the power of God being poured out through His people to heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out demons. This will be the beginning of the greatest outpouring of His spirit; and it will begin in AUSTRALIA & NZ!

You can find a lot of real life stories at Senator Gerard Rennick

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