— 8th December 2021.

I try to avoid watching the news, and never share about the Jab, HOWEVER! I believe it is time to speak on this.

SURPRISE!! The Jab is Forty times less effective with the new OMICRON Variant.. So what are they trying to say? Those who are Jabbed are no longer “PROTECTED OR SAFE?”

Church, It’s time to see beyond this veil. We are in a time like no other where we must protect our children from such wickedness!

In the coming months, there wil be a great uprooting, for a great dethroning! GREAT EXPOSURE is coming and these things that will be revealed will be absolutely SHOCKING. The things they have planned are devastating and horrendous. Today I have sensed the righteous anger of the Lord and He says, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”


On 20th November 2020, I had a dream where I was in a school and there was two principles that were not happy. They had the needle in their hand to Jab my newborn baby. I said, my baby knows your going to do it she can see you. SUDDENLY, They turned without warning and put the Jab into my left arm instead. Then I woke up.

Yes, the agenda is for newborn babies to be approved for this Jab. — A few weeks before I was due to give birth, the doctor tried to convince me to take the Jab to protect my baby. So pregnant women taking this Jab will pass it down to the child.

The Lord said to me recently that this was a warning dream that they will inject the children and then the babies last to ease parents into the concept. Yes, They will be coming after the children SO PROTECT THEM, AND DO NOT LET THEM TAKE IT!

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