The Lord has been birthing something new in me for sometime now— A NEW WAY in how He wants me to release the words and revelations He is giving to me for His beautiful bride.

My heart is always to see the bride awakened, unified, and thriving especially during this time of great shakings in the world.

This is the hour of RETURNING, the hour of RUNNING into the heart of Yahweh, and so my heart is to awaken and encourage those who’s heart cry is just that — to be awakened and caught up into the ecstasies of His love. For this truly is the time of preparing ourselves in love, and positioning ourselves in purity as we enter the new age.

This NEW WAY I will be releasing words and revelatory teaching will be via a private platform called Patreon which creates a more intimate space where my current subscribers will receive my new podcasts, videos and prophetic writings within my family of patrons!

For some time now my heart has been to create short courses and books, however the Lord has made it very clear that this is THE NEW WAY in which He wants me to consistently teach and release His word.

I will still be releasing words via facebook, instagram, and my website, However my Patrons will be within my private chat community, and received all my videos, podcasts, and prophetic writings in one place.

If you would like to become one of my patrons, you can join me here—

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