Early hours in the morning I had a vision in the night. I was being interviewed by a man named JOEP meaning: Jacob / Joseph. Jacob – the remnant of Jacob) Joseph – He will add) There were also a dozen other women being interviewed for the job. I noticed Joep asking a lady if I was skilled and ready for the Job, once she said yes to him I was chosen for the Job. But I needed to go into training before to OVERCOME. I also noticed that from where I lived which was inland, compared to where the restaurant was, which was the beachfront (beachfront meaning: where souls are won or lost/ battleground) we needed to take buses to get there everyday.. (bus: Large Prophetic Ministry) I felt many will say, “that’s a big travel every day, will it be worth it? YES, The Lord is worth it, We serve him and him alone!

I noticed this Job was to serve as a waitress in a restaurant (meaning: Faithful servant of God, filled and ready for service, waiting) This restaurant was at the beachfront overlooking the crystal clear ocean. (Meaning: the sea of humanity, Baptism, raised voices) Then I noticed there was an acrobatic angel assigned to me for training. The Angel said, “You need to OVERCOME this fear before stepping into your work. You have been chosen but you must overcome” This Angel had a rope around His ankles and was a Bungee Jumper. His Job was to prepare the REMNANT before they stepped into their assignment. This Angels Job was to DESTROY & OVERCOME FEAR.

I wrapped my arms around Him as we jumped off the edge. My eyes were closed and my stomach sank looking forward to the ending of this Bungee Jump! But I knew this JUMP was critical before stepping into my new position. (Jump meaning: overcoming, sudden discipline, sudden response to a command) And I was willing to do what was necessary to step into my next assignment.

I believe God is saying “Joseph” (He is about to add) “Jacob” (to His REMNANT) to His people that are willing to travel the distance to get there. They are willing to count the cost, they are willing to take the time to be trained up and OVERCOME THE FEAR that is holding them back, so they will be ready and equipped for their next assignment.

The Lord is going to choose the ones that are faithful and willing to travel the distance, and be trained for battle whatever the cost. They are willing to lose everything to have Him and put Him first place. These are called THE REMNANT. He is raising and training His chosen ones in this hour. For it is written, Many are called but few will be chosen. Matthew 22:14

This is a call for the people of God to AWAKEN to His calling and His training, to fulfill what He created them for. To finish the work Jesus started. NOW is the time to be all in or not at all. God will not choose people of double-mindedness. He will not choose half hearted lovers.


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