When I woke up this morning I could smell the ocean and even feel the fresh sea breeze blowing on my skin. I heard the Lord say, “enjoy a day at the beach with your family, have peace and joy in the spirit” so we packed up and drove to the beach.

We found a beach with still clear warm water,  white sand and picturesque sky. The Lord spoke so much to my heart about all that is to come.

Sometimes we just need to drop everything and do something that takes us back to the reality of who He is. Father is always calling us to come away with Him, to reveal the deeper secrets of His heart. He offers a resting place for you in his luxurious love. His tracks take you to an oasis of peace, the quiet brook of bliss . That’s where he restores and revives your  life. He opens before you pathways to God’s pleasure and leads you along in his footsteps of righteousness so that you can bring honor to his name.
Psalms 23:2‭-‬3 TPT ☀️⚓

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