You may find it difficult to hang with prophetic leaders. Some of them have no time. So having an online prophets community will bless you, at least until you find your tribe.


“I made you to know the deep secrets of my heart and to be a prophet to the nations. I am commissioning you and calling you out of the desert place. This is the time for you to rise and speak forth the word I have birthed in you during your darkest valley days. You are ready to run and take my word forth to the Nations with truth, righteousness and love. You have passed the test, you have been faithful in the dark valley days, now I’m blowing my breath on you to bring resurrection life to your mortal bodies. Intimidation and mockery have tried to pull you down, questioning your ability and credibility to do my will, but I say I AM the one who made you, chose you and calls you forth to do my will. I am pleased that you desire to do my will, and have forsaken all to have ME. Continue to come away with me in the secret place to seek my face and gaze upon my beauty. Let praise arise from your lips and WATCH! my power and love will shake the Nations through you. I will show you even deeper mysteries that you still do not know about me. So come, my beloved, come away with me and allow me to strengthen you for your next!”

Abba Father 📯✨

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