I’m SHOCKED how the church still believes the Media! WAKEUP CHURCH!

The Lord spoke to me in a dream a month ago that a wave of upheaval will come to Trump to take him out, But.. there will be a GREAT REVEALING IN THE LEFT and the darkness will be revealed on THE LEFT SIDE OF THE PODIUM. This had to happen this way for God to bring those who are corrupt before the courts to be exposed then overthrown once and for all!

Will you stand on Gods word that has been released through the Prophets, and come in agreement that America will be ruled with TRUTH & JUSTICE! Please stop doubting and saying the Prophets got it wrong. Where is your Faith?

Donald Trump needs your Faith and your Prayers as he fights in the courts for truth and justice. His doing it for God, and His doing it for you!

If you haven’t read this already, the dream I had of Donald Trump was posted on 8th October 2020.

Kaylie Singh

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