For the past 3 days the Lord has been revealing a prophetic message in this art work I created called “DIVINE ENCOUNTERS”

So far the Lord has revealed the following:

  1. He called it divine encounters
  2. The hidden number 6
  3. The Hebrew meaning of 6
  4. The waitress gives us number 6
  5. God create man on the 6th day
  6. The number 6 is the shape of a heart..

Hebrew meaning of 6:

The Lord continued to speak and said, “I created you in my image, on the 6th day of creation, and it was good”

“So God created mankind IN HIS OWN IMAGE, in the image of God HE CREATED THEM; male and female HE CREATED THEM. God saw all that he had made, and IT WAS VERY GOOD. And there was evening, and there was morning—THE SIXTH DAY.” Genesis‬ ‭1:27, 31‬.

Later that day, I was explaining to my husband about what the Lord is saying and he said to me, “did you realise that the number 6 is also the shape of a heart?” I quickly looked for a picture of a heart, to discover that the heart including its aorta is the shape of number 6.

I began to share all of this with a friend name Greg Stigter who is probably one of my most prophetic revelators I know, and he shared the following with me –

6 is also man’s number … and some Christians say that it is bad because they think humans are bad. But that is without God. Eg. 60 is 10 (heavenly government) times 6 (man’s number). Bcos of Christ’s incarnation and Ascension there is a man who rules in heaven and from heaven forever – and humanity is in Him and He is in us. He has lifted the 6 into himself. He created man (6) to have intimate knowledge of Him. He wants us to know Him as He knows us. Western theology generally says man’s heart is wicked but God loves our heart and wants us to love Him with all our heart…

That same day, a guest speaker at Greg’s church shared one thing that topped it for me. He said, “The Devil takes the most valuable things God created, and uses it for bad.”

I have always thought of this, but yesterday the number 6 was what stood out to me. This number has been twisted to say it is the devils number and it is bad. But in actual fact, IT IS OUR NUMBER, AND IT IS GOOD!

“DIVINE ENCOUNTERS” Acrylic Art work is available for sale on print. Price is dependent on size. Between $180-$666

Kaylie 💜

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