Before opening my eyes this morning I heard the Lord say, “THEY ARE GIVING UP TOO SOON, EVEN THOSE WHO SEEMED FAITHFUL ARE FALLING!”

Over, and over again I hear the spirit of God saying, “Even past the 12th hour will I not perform that which I have spoken to my people?!”

God is not finished with Donald Trump, He is still the president of the United States of America! Even if Joe Biden appears to steal the seat of presidency, He is still not the president!

Beloveds, Do not fret and worry, turn your face away from the Media and towards your Heavenly Father. I believe God is testing the faith of many right now, and will act beyond the 11th hour.

The timing is in Gods hands, trust how this will all come about. The corruption in the deep state is coming into brood day light, and all hell is trying to keep the truth concealed through death threats, intimidation and fraud. The Media, and the corruption in government is THE GREAT FALSE PROPHETS OPERATING to make many believe a great ILLUSION!

However, the Lord says, “Everything hidden and covered up WILL SOON BE EXPOSED. For the facade is falling down, and NOTHING will be kept secret for long.” Luke‬ ‭12:2‬ ‭TPT‬‬

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