I have never been into politics, government or the mainstream media, so this past year of God inviting me to speak forth His word over America, and Great Britain is completely new to me! This is why I’m so confident in what He has revealed to me since the beginning of 2020, and still to this day.

I believe it’s time to encourage you all again, Do not believe what the mainstream media tells you right now. God has been showing me for the past few days that a NEW GOVERNMENT will arise in America that will impact the nations, and yes President Donald Trump will be the president of it.

I believe the deep state is being drained as we speak, and all the evidence of lawlessness and corruption that has gone on for decades will be revealed in the coming days, weeks and months.

Remember, the mainstream media will not share what’s really going on in Government. Unless, the transition of power takes place where the current mainstream media is shut down, and a new one is established on truth and righteousness.

When God calls someone to tear down lawlessness in a Nation, it takes more than saying to the world, I am the legal president and here is the evidence. It takes timely wisdom and strategy in how to roll out a game plan without sending a Nation into complete chaos.

There is more to Trump being president and he knows that- there is a need to uproot and tear down wickedness that has run the Nation of America, and the world for decades! It takes patience and heavenly wisdom to roll this process out.

Continue to FOCUS on what the Lord has said, and do not loose your faith in this crucial hour of the GREATEST AWAKENING in all history! THE VEIL IS BEING LIFTED OFF THE EARTH, and all darkness is being exposed. This must take place FIRST for the light to shine out of darkness.

Pray with FIRECE FAITH, remembering to walk by faith and NOT by sight in this hour. For the spirit of God says, “NOW MY FAITH WALKERS MUST ARISE!”


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