Word by Tyler G. Johnson 🔥🔥🔥

1) Prophets heard right. Trump won.

2) Then men cheated.

3) This did not make the prophets wrong. The men that cheated were wrong. This is common sense. Our spirituality may be too spiritual to be earthly good if we can’t see this simple logic.

Believing that the prophets were wrong is proof not of them actually being wrong but proof of us buying into the fictional story that was given to us by the media that Biden won. We know it was a fictional narrative because the mainstream media started calling Biden the “president” way before anything was certified, proven, or finalized. The media prophesied a lie and the nation bought it.

So prophets were listening to God, they declared the truth, then the false prophets of the media spoke up. As a nation we entertained the false words given by the media and believed what they said, thus many people started questioning if God’s actual prophets had heard correctly. The media has that much influence on people’s minds! Then at the moment the pressure was at its greatest, when we actually started to actually link arms and stand unified as one, suddenly prophets all over the nation started declaring they got it wrong. I believe this happened because the religious spirit, listening to the media, put pressure on prophets to recant…or be labeled false prophets that are arrogant and misleading. Many prophets didn’t hold their ground but folded almost immediately due to not wanting to be labeled arrogant. The threat was “change the word or we will call you prideful.” Prophets were bullied into submission by the religious spirit and the political spirit.

This is why there were prophets on both sides of the issue, declaring different things. Some had already folded and were saving themselves, and others were holding out because they were not allowing themselves to be intimidated. And just as promised, the prophets that held on and held out were labeled by the religious spirit to be arrogant or unable to admit that they were wrong when in fact these prophets were just unwilling to bend their knee to any other master but Jesus.

Prophets, we love your humility in admitting that you didn’t see the whole picture, but you were RIGHT. When you declare that you were wrong when in fact you were right, you sow confusion into the church. You pull the rug out from under God’s people. In an attempt to walk in humility and unity, it actually sows more division.

Prophets, the Body of Christ is actually ok with you missing it. We have grace for that. We won’t string you up when you get things wrong. We won’t cut out your tongue because we all get it wrong sometimes and we love you. What is difficult for us is when you get it right, then change your tune when the prophets of Baal (MSM) declare their own narrative. It concerns us because we joined the battlefield and the moment we did, you left. We have grace for missed words, but we have very little respect for being abandoned. We follow people that are headed INTO battle, not those running from it and trying to protect their reputation.


  1. Thank you Kaylie for such encouraging words! As a prophet who is still standing in what God has promised regarding Trump and His plans for our nation and world-wide revival, it’s HARD! It causes me to question and ask God “are you sure I heard what You spoke to me?” But in the questioning He strengthens my resolve to stand firm despite what things look like. God will have to prove to me that I misunderstood because He knows I long to hear Him speak and I need to be able to trust and believe that He can and will. How I thank Him for the encouragement He gives through you and other prophets who have not backed down when we haven’t seen the end.

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  2. Thank you for your obedience to the Lord, Kaylie. Your words bring encouragement and loving correction.
    I follow you on IG, but I am not on there much. (Ispirafede) I miss your posts more than anything.
    God bless you, my beautiful sister. I stand in faith that the prophetic words from our Lord to the prophets will come to pass.
    Much love,

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