A few weeks ago we started to fully embrace the Shabbat. (The 7th day of rest how the Jews do it)

We make it fun for the children by letting them choose yummy treats, light thier own cancel and dress up before dinner. We are more relaxed on bedtime routine and play fun family games.

We say the shabbat prayer as we light the candles, turn off TV, phones, and do no work. We have fun, relax, and be present together as a family and fully enter into rest.

The Jewish way is friday night, sun down, to saturday night sun down. But If my husband works on Saturday, we start the shabbat saturday night 6pm, until sunday night 6pm.

We may even try to attend the Jewish shabbat church service friday nights, as we have recently moved to a highly jewish area.

Here is a link for ideas to make Shabbat / Sabbath fun for the children:

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