25th February 2021.
Kaylie Hollins

Many of you know, My 5 year old son has always been prophetic, however, most of you haven’t seen his struggle to SEE God for himself. Like most children, they get to the age of wanting to be entertained, watch movies or play with their best friends. All while we diligently read God’s word to them, Pray with them, and share about how wonderful God is in hope they will too, encounter God personally for themselves.

7 days ago the Lord clearly instructed me to not allow my son to watch Tv, use his Nintendo or his iPad. It was for a “one week fast” but little did I know what he Lord was going to do during this time of removing his electronics.

At 2am this morning, My son called out for me, So I went to lay with him to settle him back to sleep. But he said to me, “MUMMY I NEED TO SEE GOD! I NEED TO WORSHIP HIM!” In complete shock I said, “really right now?” He said, “Yes! I need Him, I’m going down stairs to be with Him.”

We always leave worship playing down stairs and he could hear it from his bed room, it was like it was calling him to come and worship the Lord.

A few hours later, I woke up and went down stairs to see if he was ok to find him fast asleep on the sofa. I sat next to him and he woke up saying, “Mummy I danced for Jesus and sang to him. Then I Just fell asleep. I needed God, I needed to see Him.”

Then suddenly, I was reminded of the words the Lord has just given to me this week about a RETURNING TO FIRST LOVE, and God restoring the AWE AND WONDER TO HIS BRIDE.

I heard God say, “You are going to see a SUDDENLY among the children, those that seemed far off will SUDDENLY feel the urgency to know me, and be captivated by my love.”

Later on in the day, I met with a close friend and shared what had happened, I sensed even stronger when telling her that the children that seemed distant from being passionately love sick for Jesus will be SUDDENLY Awestruck by the Lord.

I sensed that many parents who have longed to see this day will soon be witnessing the greatest awakening within the children that seemed the most disinterested, and distracted by the world. These ones are RETURNING to Jesus, but not just returning to where they once were, but rather to a new place, the place that has been waiting for them their entire lives!

I sense that these children will set ablaze their parents to burn for Jesus like they have never burned for Him before. These children will cause many to RETURN TO FIRST LOVE which will open up face to face encounters with Jesus, and nothing will ever be the same again.

A deep sense of HOLY AWE is sweeping over the children in this hour. Mothers, Fathers and Grandparents will stand in awe, startled, and stunned at what will begin to take place within the hearts of the children.

It’s time to be prepared with our lamps trimmed and our oils filled, for the greatest awakening is upon us! IT IS NOW HERE!


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