3rd June, 2020. The Lord revealed to me that a wave was coming to London that will greatly impact the royal family.

I believe we are beginning to see the signs of exposure to bring about a great cleansing that will greatly effect the Royal family. These events will be a sign that the greatest AWAKENING in all history is upon us.

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Released on 3rd June, 2020.
Kaylie Hollins


I was recently awakened by a vision of a huge wave coming from the east coast of England. This wave was so huge it covered London in its entirety.

For many weeks I have been asking the Lord about this vision, and what He is saying about London. Since seeing this vision and enquiring of the Lord, He has been revealing the shocking things that will soon take place in London which will astonish the people of England, and the entire world. This will especially bring great impact to THE ROYAL FAMILY, and they will never be the same after this unforeseen event takes place.

The Lord has been revealing that this is the year of GREAT EXPOSURE and UNFORESEEN EVENTS that will alarm the entire world. But to take heart and be encouraged for the Lord will use all that is about to take place to bring great CLEANSING and for the tearing down of lawlessness within hidden agendas that have, for too long now been kept in the dark.

A great light is coming to London that will bring to it THE GREATEST EXPOSURE in all history. Do not fear when this unforeseen event takes place, for the Lord’s hand is upon it, and is allowing all that is hidden to come up to the surface into full daylight.

This event will be the sign that THE GREATEST WORLDWIDE AWAKENING ever seen in all History is upon us. There will be a rise and uproar of evil, but at the same time; The Greatest Awakening FOR THOSE WHO ARE LOST AND BLINDED TO THE TRUTH!

“Everything HIDDEN and COVERED UP will soon be EXPOSED For the facade is falling down, and NOTHING will be kept secret for long…” Luke‬ ‭12:2

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