I shared a post today about TEXAS, and how the Lord is highlighting it through numerous signs and confirmations.

Well, my husband came home with a gift for our daughter, “A LONE STAR COWGIRL” But to be honest, I didn’t realise the connection until God said, “She is from TEXAS, look up her name.”

So I googled “Lone Star cowgirl” and this is what I found:

For the past decade, Magnolia-based riding group “Lone Star Cowgirls” has been part of the rodeo scene and has entertained crowds year-round across TEXAS!

I love His confirmations! I especially LOVE this one: A lady with a guitar ready to worship, and shake the state of TEXAS!

And yes, God can even speak to us through children’s toys! 😂👏🏽

Kaylie Hollins

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