Kookaburras have been visiting me a lot lately, and when I see them I experience EXTREME EXCITEMENT and Joy. The last video I watched of Lana Vawser, she was wearing kookaburra earrings and as I looked outside my window I had a kookaburra sitting at my balcony window!

There is no other bird that I see that brings me so much Joy other than the Kookaburra. I asked the Lord, “What are you saying through this bird?” Then I heard Him say, “The kookaburra is a sign of my Joy and my love amidst the trials and the losses. My Joy and my Love is not circumstantial. Joy is coming to your house today!”

I declare this over your lives too, that your circumstances DO NOT determine the JOY and the LOVE of God in your life! I pray that you will experience uncircumstantial Joy and love today as the Lord shows up unexpectedly with signs, and reminders of His goodness in your life.

Kaylie Hollins

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