Here is a glimpse of what most of my early mornings look like as a homeschool Momma with a newborn, and two young children.

In all honesty, I LOVE being in the middle of this beautiful mess! No makeup, a bed head, and still in my PJs. But look at the positive here— I’m getting my toe nails painted by not only my daughter; but my son too! YES! We are just enjoying each other’s company.

Of course it can be intense at times, but once I decided to EMBRACE THIS SEASON, I truly started to enjoy it because I realised this is exactly where God wants me RIGHT NOW. Because in this season of mothering 3 little nations; The Lord is preparing me, and preparing you for your next!

From time to time, we need to share the real, and the messy things in our lives to encourage those who feel they are not matching up. Because the truth is— NONE OF US DO! But we must choose to lean on the King, and allow His love and GRACE to shine on our messy places. When we EMBRACE THE SEASON HE HAS PLACED US IN, we find ourselves right in the middle of HIS WILL; enjoying and stewarding what He has placed in our hands.


I sense there are many of you feeling you are not where you want to be right now. But I sense so strongly that where you are RIGHT NOW is preparation for where the Lord is calling you next. And, the place He is preparing you for WILL LOOK NOTHING LIKE WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW!

Sometimes God will lead you into a season to steward something, and to prepare you for something completely different! He may lead you through a door that you never expected, but that door isn’t the end, it leads you to a room TO PREPARE YOU FOR YOUR NEXT SEASON!

So I encourage you to be still for a moment, and reflect on where God has you RIGHT NOW. Because when you choose to submit your life to Him, even in a season you never expected or hoped for; HE THEN LEADS YOU INTO THE PLACE WHERE YOUR DESTINY LIES!

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