This morning I shared a photo from ABCcentral victoria of a BIG SHOE in the clouds of Victoria in Australia.

This evening I could hear my son putting a movie on TV downstairs, so I walked down to see what he had chosen and as I looked it was a picture of BIG FOOT’S FOOT in the clouds! (This is a cartoon called big foot.)

Not only that, but my son stopped the video for me at 02/21 which is today’s date!The date the pandemic bill was passed in victoria.

I asked the Lord, what are you saying to your people. And He said to me, “REMEMBER! HEAVEN IS MY THRONE AND THE EARTH IS MY FOOTSTOOL. NOTHING HAPPENS WITHOUT ME ALLOWING IT!”


Last week I asked the Lord what will happen regarding this pandemic bill that Daniel Andrew’s wants passed in parliament. He clearly spoke and said, “IT WILL BE PASSED”

However, He explained that these things MUST take place first so that the hidden things that are deeply rooted and hidden will be brought to the surface— Things will get messier before they get better. It’s a bit like decluttering a house. .

He continued explaining that His glory shines through us in the darkness— YES, HE IS SETTING THE STAGE FOR AUSTRALIA! For the greatest move of His glory ever experienced before! So get ready and BRACE YOURSELVES!


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