For months the Lord has been showing me the word CENTENNIAL, and i’ve been asking Him over, and over again “What are you saying about centennial?”

And today, the Lord reminded me of the many times He showed me the word CENTENNIAL, and asked me to look up its meaning-

CENTENNIAL MEANING IN OXFORD DICTIONARY: The day or year that is 100 years after an important event.

The Lord revealed to me that the year 2022 will be 100 years since Smith Wigglesworth was releasing revival in Australia and NZ! I’m Awestruck and excited for how the Lord will move in the coming months.

I believe 2022 will be the beginning of the 3rd great awakening we have all been waiting for! Awakening and great blessings for those who are ABIDING and positioning themselves before the Lord in obedience to His voice. Yes, even amidst deep darkness, He will move in ways we have never even imagined. So get excited and be ready!

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