The most detailed model of a human cell to date, obtained using x-ray, nuclear magnetic resonance and cryoelectron microscopy datasets. The world inside us.

This is only a small part of a single cell. Human somatic cells contain ~80 to ~2000 mitochondria, and we only see a fraction of one in this image; we can guess that this image shows much less than 1/80th of the cell (perhaps much, much less if you consider that this is only a 2D cross section of a 3D cell). The immense complexity you are seeing is just one tiny part of a truly incredible machine of machines, a system of systems. It shows only the outer edge of the nucleus which makes it difficult to fully appreciate the dynamic 3D structure of the genome as it functionally self organizes.

Then just remember that there are over 30 trillion cells in your body that are highly organized, capable of rearranging themselves, processing information, HEALING, and everything else that a human can do!

— By Doug McCluskey

Deep down our (cells) are a network, a community, a city, a garden.


  1. Hello, I live in the southeast part of the US and had to get vax twice, mainly because my dear left leaning family pressured me into it. Then I heard from a youtube prophet that if you stand on luke 10:19, take communion everyday and prophesy over yourself that the body and blood of Jesus are rendering null and void every wicked work and every poisonous substance of the enemy your health will get better. Ever since monday I have been doing this detox communion and I think it’s working. There is lump under my arm that causes me some pain, but ever since I started a 30 minute communion session (15 minutes of the reading 10:19 luke and 15 minutes of prophecying over my self) the pain is going away. When I move my left arm I don’t feel the pain, since I guess the lump swelling has gone down. The pain in my right armpit is totally gone, since my right armpit is not as bad as the pain in my left.

    I’m guessing the armpit pain came from Covid vax protein spikes causing inflammation making lymph nodes under my arm swell up.
    Now if I can just convince my family of the side effects without them freaking out and get into an arguement with me to get a booster.

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