Over the holidays, the Lord has been moving my heart so deeply as I study the Hebraic scriptures on Mary. She was not married, but knew the Lord was her only lover. She uncovered her hair in public on full display, and wiped her hair on the Lords feet for all to see— Feet and hair was for the husbands eyes only, but Mary risked it all just to please the Lord, not man!

It was said that Mary was the first to see the Lord after He had risen from the grave— Regardless of her past wrongs, The Lord knew her heart, she believed, and He credited it to her as righteousness!

What are we, as the generation who claim to seek His face willing to give up, and to be so one with the Lord that it costs us everything! I mean EVERYTHING!!!

My prayer is that we would truly be known, and remembered as the generation that seeks His face—A JACOB GENERATION!

I shared a word called the Jacob Generation in April 2020, and feel more stronger than ever to release it to you again! For YOU are being called to be a generation that seeks His face! In a way that will cost you EVERYTHING!


Who may ascend the mountain of the Lord? Who may stand in his holy place? The one who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not trust in an idol or swear by a false god. They will receive blessing from the Lord and vindication from God their Savior. SUCH IS THE GENERATION OF THOSE WHO SEEK HIM, who seek your face, God of Jacob. Psalms 24:3‭-‬6 NIV

Those who have clean hands and a pure heart are about to reap a great harvest of plenty. Both in the natural and In the spiritual. Those who go after the face of God without relenting right now will see the greatest move of God like never before. Just like Jacob, He didn’t stop wrestling with God all night until the Lord blessed him. So will be the Jacob generation that goes after the Lord and does not relent until they have Him.

Then the man said, “Let me go, for it is daybreak.” But Jacob replied, “I WILL NOT LET YOU GO UNTIL YOU BLESS ME.” The man asked him, “What is your name?” “Jacob,” he answered. Then the man said, “Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you have struggled with God and with humans and have overcome.” Jacob said, “Please tell me your name.” But he replied, “Why do you ask my name?” Then he blessed him there. So Jacob called the place Peniel, (FACE OF GOD) saying, “It is because I saw God face to face, and yet my life was spared.” Genesis 32:26‭-‬30 NIV

I believe we have stepped into a new time in space where we are being wooed by God to step back into the hidden chambers of His heart. He is not looking for those who have ticked all their boxes and crosses all their t’s. He is looking for those that come humbly before Him with a shattered and contrite heart.

For the source of your pleasure is not in my performance or the sacrifices I might offer to you. The fountain of your pleasure is found in the sacrifice of my shattered heart before you. You will not despise my tenderness as I humbly bow down at your feet. Psalms 51:16‭-‬17 TPT

The Lord is looking for those that will fight to have Him, admit their weakness of self-reliance and deceit and realize their utter need for Him. God is wanting to give this generation a new identity in Him. He is testing hearts right now to see what will His people do when all else fails, will they cling onto Him even more and humbly repent and realize their need for Him, or will they continue to cling to their old ways.

NOW is the time like never before to let the Lord in to deal with the heart stuff, so He can change the old nature. Then we will be able to walk in power and see His promises released, not only to us but to our children’s children.

In a vision during my alone time with the Lord, I saw gold stairways going up to the pearly gates. On each step was a golden key. As I walked up each step I picked up a key and placed it inside the deep pocket of my long dress.

The Lord started to show me that as we engage Him and take steps closer to encountering Him in the secret place, He will give us the keys that will unlock our hearts to see His heart. He will give us divine insight that will reveal things yet to be discovered and see the mysteries that have been stored up for the righteous. These keys will unlock our inheritance, but first, we must be a people that seek Him in the secret place. Such is the generation of those who seek Him, who seek His face, the God of Jacob.

So wake up, you living gateways! Lift up your heads, you ageless doors of destiny! Welcome the King of Glory, for he is about to come through YOU!
Psalms 24:7 TPT


— Kaylie Hollins

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