YHVH has been speaking to me a lot about the function of the lioness compared to the lion and how this is a prophetic picture of our walk in Him (both men and women) I hope this encourages the mothers, the women, and even the men in someway today.

Mothers are made in hiddenness. Like a lioness; she was made by YHVH to be hidden to protect her young. Where as the male lion’s function with his main is to stand out to protect family by scaring off the enemy, or to attract his lioness.

Likewise, as Mothers, our function and first line of worship is to care for our children and our husbands in hiddenness; in the messinesses of feeding, cooking, cleaning, teaching, and nurturing our children and supporting our husbands. We must not see our hiddenness from the world as insignificant, but rather as the wealthiest position one could hold— The place of hiddenness is the place of intimate discovery in YHVH. It is the place where heavens wisdom and endless riches of revelation knowledge are found. For it is written in Daniel 2:22 that “he reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with him.”

Like a lioness is hidden in the shadow of her lion king for strength and protection for her young; so are you hidden in the strength of God most high and nothing will be hidden from you in the shadows of shaddai. For in hiddenness He is preparing you for your great revealing; that is the revealing of Christ in you the hope of glory.

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