7th October 2020

I woke up from a dream yesterday morning around the fourth watch of Donald and Melania Trump. I believe this is a wake up call to pray to see everything that is hidden, and covered up fully exposed and overthrown in the American government.


Donald Trump was on a huge ship, and while he was standing on the front of the ship, a huge Tidal wave came to cover him and the entire ship. However, the dream changed before I could see the wave reach him.

There is a wave coming to take Him out and the very platform in which he stands. However, I believe that all hidden and currently covered up things will soon be exposed. And Donald and Melania Trumps lives will not be taken before their time.


The next part of the dream there was a podium where presidents and governors speak. Melania Trump was kneeling down with her back against the podium stand with both arms stretched out to her left and her right. She was covered in a white cloth that also covered the podium. It seemed she was there to hold up the white cloth that covered the podium where those in governmental power would speak. Suddenly, the white cloth fell slightly off THE LEFT SIDE of her arm, and everyone could see the black mess Inside of the podium.

The Lord is saying, “The hidden things and agendas in government will soon be exposed.”

Everything hidden and COVERED UP will soon be exposed. For the facade is FALLING DOWN, and nothing will be kept secret for long.” Luke‬ ‭12:2‬ ‭

Kaylie Hollins

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