The Lord has chosen Donald Trump as President, and He will remain President until he has done what the Lord has written. No agenda of man can stand in His way.

Donald Trump will be used in government to bring reformation, and restoration not only to America, but to the entire world as we know it!

Donald is a faithful TRUMPET for the King of kings, and Lord of Lords. He will be a king and RIGHTEOUS JUDGE to rule and reign until the Lords hand lifts from his shoulders.

“A person may plan his path, but ADONAI directs his steps.

Divine inspiration is on the lips of the king, so his mouth must be faithful when he judges.

The balance and scales of justice have their origin in ADONAI; all the weights in the bag are his doing”

Proverbs ‭16:9-11 CJB‬‬

Kaylie Singh

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