25th February, 2022.


At 4am this morning the Lord had me praying for the Ukrainian people—a cry for His great mercy and protection. I could feel His heart for the children, the mothers, and the fathers. He LOVES His Ukrainian Bride and He hears her cry!

As I was praying He showed me the world map and an arrow coming down from RUSSIA, and an arrow coming down from CHINA. He said, “I want you to pray for these two as well.”

So would you join me in praying for the Church in Ukraine, as well as Russia and China— For there is a lot more happening behind closed doors that the mainstream media will not expose, or say WHY a nation goes to war against another.. So pray the will of the Lord be done. Pray for what is hidden to be EXPOSED, and pray for God’s protection for His church during times of war.

The perfect storm is moving across the nations, and we are being called into the secret place of His dwelling— A time to be wise and prepare in the natural, and in the spirit. A time to BUNKER DOWN and focus on our family. A time of depending on the Lords miracles, and a time of demonstrating our UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for one another in such turbulent times.

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