February 25th 2022

My husband went to a shop to buy a single rose for me, and my eldest daughter. There were only two Roses left. My daughter chose the rainbow rose, and gave me this one! The Ukrainian flag colours! This truly is a sign from the Lord of how He loves His Ukrainian people! like a delicate rose in the hand of the Lord, are you Ukrainian Bride!

The intensity of God’s love for the Ukrainian bride has touched my heart so deeply today, and even more so after receiving this beautiful rose.

Love, Beauty, The Church, Jesus.

I believe this is a prophetic sign to pray for the church in Ukraine— For the Lord loves her and is on His heart in this very hour!

I hear the Lord say to His Ukrainian Bride, “You are my shining one; My radiant love. I hear your cry, I hear your prayers for My Mercy and Grace over your land, and over your people. I have not forgotten you, I have not abandoned you! Do not forget My promises to never leave you, nor forsake you. Come to me in your weakness, trust Me and abide in Me, and I will HIDE you in the secret place of My dwelling. For I am now preparing you to carry and release My presence in a way that will cause a great awakening to be birthed in your land. Ask Me, and I will cause My spirit to fall upon you in ways you have never known before, for this is your time to arise and shine out of the darkness! Do not fear, for I Adonai am with you until the very end.”

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