The other night while falling asleep, I started to ask the Lord that scrolls will be fulfilled like never before in this decade, I asked to see His glory in ways i’ve never seen before. .

Then I said to Him, “I want to see THE LOST SAVED!! I want to see the youth encounter you, to be completely delivered, set free from suicide and every addiction! A wave for evangelism! Yes! I want to see the LOST SAVED in the multitudes!!”

The audible voice of the Lord spoke, “THATS ALL THAT MATTERS!” As He spoke these words I saw a vision of thousands upon thousands of youth encountering the heart of abba father Himself. Their was great deliverance, healing and salvations!

I was awestruck by what I heard Him speak. Of all the things we can ask for in this time, The Lord is saying, “All the matters at the end of the day is that each one finds Me, loves Me, and walks out their salvation in Me!”

Would you join me in praying for the salvation of the nations? especially for the youth! That the GRACE for evangelism would fall upon every believer in this time, to go out into the streets, and into their work places to see the harvest of lost souls come into the kingdom!

Jacqui Ford is a prophetic evangelist in the streets of Sydney right now, the Lord is using her mightily to save and deliver the lost, so if you want to get involved, or give to the ministry reach out to her!

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