Last night while falling asleep, I went into a vision and saw families sitting at a table. As they sat together at the table, they began to share stories of parenthood, and began to laugh historically at the most simplest things. They were laughing at things that wouldn’t usually be funny, but the spirit of Joy was falling upon their hearts so strongly that it just got funnier, and funnier, and funnier!

The Joy they were experiencing was so overwhelming to watch, that it fell upon me as I was laying in bed. I couldn’t stop laughing for about 30mins! It was the uncircumstantial Joy of the Lord, and He didn’t need to ask for my permission to come, He knew exactly what I needed and hit me with it!

The Lord spoke to me in September 2021, and said, “THIS IS THE ERA OF FOCUSING ON THE FAMILY.” A time where the Lord is blowing upon the weary hearts of mothers, and carrying the load for the fathers where the load had become unbearable to carry. The Lord is strengthening the family unit with the JOY of UNION with Him, and with one another.

He is connecting the dots, and aligning families that are of the same spirit, that carry the same heart beat, and that have been birthing the same dreams, and together; walking out their purposes in the Lord like they have never done before. Yes! The Lord is revealing His heart for families in this hour— families coming together at His table to cheer each other on, to share the vision, and RUN WITH IT TOGETHER!

So do not be surprised when you find yourself suddenly aligned, and seated at the table with families who are of the same batch! for this is the season for family, and families aligning for His purposes. THIS IS the season of scrolls being awakened and fulfilled WITHIN the family unit!

I declare that the Joy of the Lord will fall upon you and your house unexpectedly as He aligns you for that which you were created for! For God’s heart is to see FAMILIES RESTORED by His love, and experience the greatest Joy known to man which is found at the table of the Lord— It is found in family, it is found in UNION with Him, AND with one another.

“My purpose for telling you these things is so that the joy that I experience will fill your hearts with overflowing gladness!” John‬ ‭15:11‬ TPT

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