This coming Shabbat is a “Double Shabbat” as we have come to the marriage ceremony known traditionally as “Matan Torah” (giving of the Torah) or Biblically as Shavuot (weeks)

Shavuot / שבועות (Pentecost in the christian world) is the central Moed of the 3-moedim known as “Shalosh regalim / שלושה רגלים” (3-pilgrimage festivals) where we learn the theme about how our Elohim plans for our redemption.

Pesach .= Redemption from death to life

Shavuot = The marriage ceremony at 50-days

Sukkot . = The marriage supper of the lamb

​So you have been redeemed by completing the Pesach Seder. Now the question begs if you’re attending the wedding ceremony after waiting for the 50-days of ascension to complete. Traditionally, many do not. Why…?

Yeshua’s words can easily apply here as He decides on whom will be the bride just as a man decides on whom he chooses for a bride

“Many are called (to Pesach) but few are chosen” (for Shavuot). Will you be the many or the few..?


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