Do you remember when I shared a testimony of a Hexagon gold flake that landed while listening to Justin Paul Abraham about “Miraculous Transports?”

Well, I have some wild revelation today regarding this which speaks of Metatron.

last night while my children and I were drawing “Metatrons Cube” Yahweh began to remind me of Justin when the hexagon gold flake fell during His teaching. It was a sign that Metatron is wanting to engage with God’s sons—Those who desire to know the deeper things of Yahweh, and walk in maturity.

I didn’t put the two together until now—
Metatron is the key keeper of the mountain of Yahweh, and resides in the mountain of gold! when I drew Metatrons cube yesterday, I chose golden colours, the same colour as the hexagon flake that fell.

I hope this blesses you all, and encourages you to be more aware of Yahwehs angels, and honour them when they engage with us. This is the era of engaging the mysteries of Yahweh and going deeper in who He is, and who we are as sons of God.

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