This morning while learning the deep things of God’s heart— Why we must come DAILY to His table to receive our daily bread; I had the most beautiful vision!

In the vision I saw a family at a dining table, and instead of them feeding them selves looking down at their own bowl, SUDDENLY their faces were lifted up, and each of them fed one another from their own bowls. They were continually FACE TO FACE, HEART TO HEART— There was no room for disunity, but instead feeding one another, nurturing one another just as Adonai feeds and nurtures us! This was a picture of heaven on earth. ONENESS AT THE TABLE OF THE LORD.

I believe now more than ever that Adonai is calling families, marriages, and homes to sit at the table together; EYE TO EYE, and HEART TO HEART. Feeding one another not only with food but also with words of encouragement— words that bring life to build one another up in the Lord.

My prayer is that homes, marriages and families would be UNIFIED in such a way that the world would double glance at the intimacy a Godly family shares — feeding each other by their own hands, and embracing each other as Yeshua embraced His disciples at the table, and even allowed them to sleep on him chest.

Oneness is what will change the world! Oneness with God, and oneness with one another.

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