June 10th 2022, I had a dream where I was looking at the earth from space, and there seemed to be a transparent river/ beam that traveled through the middle. I sensed that it was a place no one has been before and you couldn’t pass through the walls of this middle section. I also knew it was flat there, not round like the rest of the earth. I had a strong sense in the dream that it was a part of the earth yet to be discovered by mankind— Yes a spiritual place, but also a natural place where everything is different compared to earth; a bit like heaven or the garden of eden.

I believe in the coming days Yahweh is going to reveal more hidden things to mankind that have yet been seen and in these revealings there will be resources and treasures of provision of many kinds!


  1. Isaiah 51:6 Lift up your eyes to Heaven and gaze also beneath in the earth, because Heaven shall pass away as smoke and Earth shall grow old as clothing, and its inhabitants shall be like it, and my salvation shall be to eternity and my righteousness shall not pass away


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