Many of you have been chatting to me, and now joined me on this incredible journey of activating our own stem cells!! Well, I want to start sharing REAL LIFE stories of how this Technology is not only restoring my body, but also those In my team.

Take a look at this picture of my hair, you can see as I lift up my hair, there is new thick wavy hair regrowth! — the hair I had when I was a child!

The story behind my hair loss is that after having my 3rd child I lost half of my hair. Ask my husband, he would find it all over the house! When I reached 35 I also noticed a huge change in my body, my skin and my energy levels dramatically dropped! My memory and focus was also affected. However, Since using these stem cell activation patches My hair has started to grow back thicker, my nails have started to grow stronger (I also no longer feel the need to bite them after a 25 year habit!) and my mental capacity and focus is like that of when I was in my 20s!

I’ll be sharing more photos, videos and stories from myself and my team in the coming days so stay tuned!

In the meantime, those who would like to get started on these stem cell patches from just $3 a day, drop a comment below saying PATCH ME! Or send me a private message for more information.

Love always,

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