What you couldn’t carry 3 years ago; you are going to carry effortlessly now! The Lord has been preparing you for these past few years in hiddenness to be a tool of breakthrough in the lives of many. In health, in community, in wealth and in education! You will function as a multidimensional being that you are— able to carry many different things for the glory of God, and the benefit of others.

This is the year where many of you are about to see a door suddenly open before you and you didn’t see it coming! But all along, the Lord has been preparing your heart to carry it all gracefully, integrally and with great passion and love.

This is the year of loving God even more, the year of loving yourself more and others in a way you have been hoping for all these years.. yes! This is the year where many of you will step into your very passion, your God given purpose, and flourish in a way you didn’t think you could.

However, be ready to be challenged in your thinking, you’ll need to breakout out of the spaces that have restricted who you are and what you have believed. Religion will try to restrict your breakthrough, but the Lord says this is from me, this is your year of breaking out of the boxes that have for too long now confined you and held you back! This is the time to move forward and up into the next door of destiny where your scroll awaits that will not only bless you in more ways than one, but also be a river of blessing to those you bring into this fruitful space!

I bless you all and declare that this is and will continue to be your greatest year of breakthrough!

Share your journey with me at: Kayliehollins@gmail.com

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