Doing work and ministry from home has been a dream for many years for me, and now that dream has become my reality since 2020, and now in 2023 I have multiple streams of income plus a powerful KEY in helping people BREAK FREE in many ways! In their God given purpose, health, family, community, emotional and mental wellbeing AND their finances!

I believe God is giving many of you KEYS right now to help people break free in multiple ways! He is giving you new ministry ideas that will require you to think outside the 4 walls of the church. Be prepared to be pulled into a completely different direction to what you have hoped for all these years! Sometimes God gives you dreams, and over the years those dreams are brought into maturity as He dethrones any religious expectation others or even yourself have placed upon you.

Yes, there are many, many people out there that have yet to see WHO they truely are— A LIGHT being that has a limitless potential to do ALL things.. and God is going to give many of you keys in helping people break free in this season! This is going to be a fruitful place of fulfilment and destiny for you, your eyes will be opened and you will say, “This is what God has been preparing me for all these years!”

Oh what joy awaits those who love the Lord, and others. For to those who give, release, and pour into others, so you too will be given, released and poured into until overflowing!

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